You’re drowning in marketing to-dos and articles you’ve tagged about the value of business blogging, and you’re ready to rope in someone to deal with all of that. Awesome! Bringing a writer on board is a smart move – it’s something every small business could really use – but what happens when you finally pull the trigger?

Specifics will vary from one writer to the next, but if you were hiring me, here’s how things tend to play out:

A strategy meeting

Once we’ve mutually decided to move forward, our first step is figuring out what’s present that needs some improvement, and what’s completely missing. Sometimes, the missing pieces are really obvious. And in other cases, what’s missing is something that hasn’t even occurred to you.

During this meeting, we’ll figure out exactly what needs to be done. Then I’ll prepare a proposal outlining all those projects for your review, including an estimate and a turnaround time. If we’re on the same page, work can begin. Otherwise, we can negotiate until we’re both happy.

getting to work

Depending on the project, I’ll work up a few options and send them over for approval. If I’m coordinating a project with a website programmer or designer – because I know some really good ones – I’ll manage things so that all you need to do is offer feedback throughout the process. My goal is to handle projects efficiently and effectively so that you can concentrate on your business.

the finished product

If our arrangement is a one-off project, I’ll deliver the goods, make sure you’re pleased as punch and ask you to keep me in mind next time you need a writer. If we’ve worked out an ongoing project, I’ll be touch regularly with content for your review and approval, and with updates so we’re on the same page. Our contact will vary depending on the specifics of your project. With some clients, I’ve had weekly meetings; with others, it’s once a month or even email only.

first things first

But well before any of this can happen, someone has to make the first move. I’m pretty quick to pitch my services when the opportunity presents itself, but if you’re reading this and thinking of projects you’d love to hand off (a new website, content for your current site, serious blogging, press releases, brochures, whatever), then the ball is in your court. Get in touch with me here, and let’s make a plan to get stuff done.

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