SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tricky little devil because the target is always moving. Google doesn’t help with its algorithm shake-ups, but good news. If you’ve been blogging for your business – and I hope you have been – then you’re doing so much more than just connecting with your target market. Here’s the thing about blogging and SEO.

Benefits of blogging for seo

Remember, blogging is how a business shares news, builds trusts and establishes itself as an expert. But what about boosting SEO? It does that too! Sure, there are techniques like guest blogging and backlinks, and they have their place. But if you focus on writing good content, those things tend to happen naturally, which is the ideal scenario. Here’s where blogging is the real SEO booster.

a bigger site with more indexed pages

Hubspot says it best:

“Study shows business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors”

And do you know why? It’s because the more (effective) blog posts you have, the more indexed pages you have on your site. And the more indexed pages you have, the more luck you have of showing up in search engine results. Here’s the catch – not every blog post qualifies. Re-blogging duplicate content is always a no-no, but short posts under 300 words are no good either. There’s a rhyme and reason to a really effective blog post, and once you figure it out, the results are amazing.

it’s the content, baby

Fresh content served up every week is a search engine’s favorite thing. You probably spent a lot time – or paid someone a lot of money – to write the perfect copy for your website pages, and now you want to leave it there until you die. That’s understandable, and it’s also why it’s so important that you’re adding fresh new content on your blog every week. It’s new information for Google to index, and that’s important for site visibility.

because keywords have their place

And it isn’t jammed into your blog post so many times that you lose the point of the piece. Keyword-stuffing is a frowned-upon practice, as it should be, but keywords do have their place. The best thing to do is answer a question or offer valuable information. By doing so, you’ll naturally use the keyword or keyword phrase anyway, and you’ll be serving both the end user and Google.

You’ll also create content for social media

Since Google returns search results for social media, it’s a no-brainer to share your posts across all those platforms. It’s just one more hit for search engines when they’re searching for your business or your industry.

and now you know

So now that you see exactly how business blogging works to improve your website’s SEO, get after it! Effective blogging is about so much more than sharing news about your business. It’s a place to connect with potential customers and clients, a way to showcase your expertise, and a forum for providing valuable, relevant information to the people who need it. It’s all that and a valuable way to boost your website’s visibility.

Want some help? I blog for all kinds of businesses, and I’d love to learn about yours.

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