writing & blogging

While writing is part of every project – and has been from the very beginning – expanding my services to suit individual client needs was a very natural progression. Need a fresh set of eyes on your copy? Hire mine. Trying to find the right words, but coming up short? Let me help. Struggling for some online visibility, but your site is nowhere to be found? We can fix that. Starting at square one, with no website, logo or direction at all? No problem.

And then there’s the value of strategic business blogging. When you’re blogging effectively, the results are incredible. Optimized, engaging posts will work for your business around the clock, and I can help you dial in your content and frequency to make the most of your blog.

I’ve also developed relationships with a bunch of really great editors, and I’m regularly hitting them up with new pitches. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to learn something new, share something interesting with the world, and maybe snag a few freebies in the process.

A little feedback from a few of my favorite publicists:

Jessica is one of my favorite writers to work with when it comes to coverage for Beekman 1802. She is super responsive, always provides honest feedback and gives plenty of lead time when it comes to gathering expert quotes. Our team loves her writing style as well – she has such a great ability to break down complicated topics into easy-to-digest stories that are interesting and informative and make me want to buy everything that’s featured. The product recommendations in her articles are a great mix of brand and different price points and for Beekman 1802 specifically, her seal of approval drives traffic and sales back to our website. Personally, I adore her, and smile every time her name pops up in my inbox.

Jennifer Graybeal | Director of PR, Beekman 1802

We love working with Jessica! She is super collaborative and her stories are always well-researched, thoughtfully written, and feature unique angles across many different categories. I’m always so happy to see her name in my inbox because I know it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity.

Heloise van Eeghen |  Founder, NOTE PR

Jessica’s level of professionalism and reliability makes her an absolute dream to work with. Her attention to detail in capturing brand voice while weaving in creative storytelling has resulted in dream placements for my clients. And, while working with Jessica on a story, you can always count on her to be proactive, transparent, and quick to respond, making the entire process a breeze. Jessica’s inbox should be top of mind for all wellness and lifestyle pitches!

Ashley LaBrune | PR Strategist, PowerDigital

Have a pitch? I’d love to hear it!

editing & proofreading

No matter how you justify them, typos make a business seem sloppy, careless and unprofessional. So make a better first impression. I’ll proofread and revise your work for clarity, readability and voice, and I can offer suggestions for keeping things effective and on brand.

consulting, coordinating & branding

Small businesses can seem even smaller when branding has been overlooked. A consistent image across a multi-faceted platform sends the message that your business is organized, legitimate and professional. So where do you begin? Let me help you navigate the branding jungle. Together, we can come up with an actionable plan that pinpoints what’s worth doing and what you can skip altogether (I’m looking at you, social media).

Between your expertise in your industry and my ability to get it all down in a way that will satisfy search engines and end users alike, we’ll make a great team – with something to show for it.

where in the world

I’m based in lovely Reno, Nevada, but the beauty of freelance writing and editing is its range – literally. I’ve worked with clients in Washington, New York, Maryland, all over California, Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, and Brazil. If you have a phone and an email account, we’re in business – no matter where you live.

Tag team

I work with a number of print and web designers, programmers, SEO specialists, PR experts and photographers. If I don’t do it, I know someone who does. Even better, I can coordinate it all so that your focus stays where it should – on your business.