But what do my clients think?

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Jessica and her talents early in 2020. We are a surgical practice which works both in the weight loss surgery world as well as in offering solutions for urinary and fecal incontinence. We learned long ago, in order to better control our business’s destiny, we need to effectively tell our story to both of these patient populations. We made a very distinct decision at the close of 2019 that we wanted to know exactly what digital advertising venues drove business and to what degree. For anyone that spends money on advertising, it’s really the holy grail (being able to understand what is working and what isn’t and of course to what degree). Jessica and her talents have been massively helpful. Not only does she completely understand the premise of seeking to know exactly what we are spending money upon and how many leads it is generating, but also most importantly, how are we talking to the recipients (customers/patients) of the advertising.

Jessica is a genius at understanding how to relay messages that resonate with end users. Obviously, what we do was completely new territory for Jessica, but wow is she a quick study! In very little time, she had a really good handle on what Sasse Surgical does and how to relate this to our patient population. Additionally, she’s been very studious in cultivating additional opportunities to tell our story for broader appeal through venues that cost nothing, so it’s super easy to say Jessica adds way more value than what she is charging. I can wholeheartedly say, that hiring Jessica is really a no-brainer as she’s completely on her game and will quickly become a valued member of your advertising/marketing team!

Mark Conte
CEO | Sasse Surgical

Jessica consistently meets deadlines with clean, well-researched copy and is never less than a total pleasure to work with.

Emma Loewe
Senior Sustainability Editor | mindbodygreen

First, Jessica Timmons is amazing! I had a project that I needed some help on for a nonprofit that I run. I reached out to Jessica because of her expertise in telling the story of her clients. She does a deep dive into the company to truly understand who they are and what their needs are, and then is able to turn that knowledge into an amazing presentation that shows the company’s true colors. Because of that ability, I knew she was the perfect fit. Once we got started, I knew that I had made the right decision. She is extremely active and proactive when it comes to dealing with the content and information. She was very responsive and thoughtful in her actions and dealing with the project. Many times I would send an email and assume it would be a little bit before I would get a response and I had a reply within minutes of my initial ask, and it provided the information that we needed. Simple is the word I would use when it comes to working with Jessica. The results of the project are phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier with what we were able to accomplish. Jessica showed professionalism and was able to help deliver a product that will be utilized for years to come. We were on time, on budget and exceeded our expectations.

Kyle McClelland
Books for Kids Nevada

As property manager for West Street Market, we wanted to increase the online presence through various social media platforms. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Ms. Timmons previously, and I could think of no one better to collaborate with on this project! Together we worked to develop a strong point of view and community-focused approach to our message, through blogging and writing new copy for our various sites. She was able to create a deliberate, yet approachable voice for the market, that really incorporated our tenant’s core values – local, sustainable practices to support and nourish our community through food and the arts. Jessica is always ready with ideas for blog posts, as well as fresh takes on topics that we cover on a regular basis. And my oh my, is she on top of it! She helped constantly keep me on my game – if I wasn’t checking in on our game plan for the next several weeks, you better believe she was reaching out to me. Her posts were often in my inbox well before the deadline, and she is always open and welcoming to critique and revision. I couldn’t compliment her enough on her professionalism and commitment to a common goal. And she happens to be a wonderful human on top of all of that!

Megan Alexander
Property Manager | West Street Market

I hired Jessica because I wanted someone I could trust and count on to help me grow La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano’s online presence, assist and find me the right people to design our website and business cards. Jessica has been great to work with. She pushes me to get items completed, which I need. She responds in a timely matter to action items and gives feedback when asked. She assists me in setting up photo  shoots and anything else I really ask of her. Pricing has been reasonable for the amount and quality of work Jessica has done for me and keeping me on track is priceless. I would definitely recommend Jessica for any assistance updating or for start-up company online work, including social media, business collateral and helping get people connected with the right people for marketing materials.

Nicki Shea
Owner | La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano

I learned about Jessica Timmons from a friend who owns a local business and he could not say enough about her.  He was delighted with the website she created for him and very pleased with her blogging. I was in the market for a new web site and decided to put my trust in Jessica. Her pricing and turnaround time from the beginning of the project until the end product was perfect. She listened to all our needs and did quite a bit of research on her own. In the end our new website tuned out to be just what we had envisioned. I recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a web site, she is seasoned and definitely capable of delivering a professional product.

Linda White
Owner | Alexander Mechanical

Jessica is just a delight to work with! I always know that whatever it is I need Jessica to help me with, she exceeds the job far and beyond my expectations. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she get things done in a timely fashion. She is a great listener and extremely professional. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Sarah Grant
Owner & photographer | Sarah Anne Grant Photography

Starting up a new web site and an associated brand is both a tough decision and a difficult process. Not only do you have to figure out how to gain exposure, but you also have to draw in people who are unfamiliar with your brand. When we launched our web site and social media, we needed someone who was familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and could produce content which resonated with our target audience. Jessica was an obvious choice based on her portfolio, the depth of her work, and her familiarity with our service. By bringing her in early in the web site design process, we were able to tailor the initial content which ultimately helped land us on the first page of search results within two weeks of launch. Having her continue to provide content after launch has pushed our search ranking even higher. The results speak for themselves and we could not be happier.

Scott Fritzinger
Instructor & Promoter | Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Reno

When you are building new homes and construction hasn’t started, you rely on visuals and words to paint a picture for your buyers. Jessica has helped us do just that! I am so happy to have found her! Jessica is professional, quick and accurate in her work. She put down on paper, what I couldn’t get out of my head. Her work transformed our website from good, to amazing! She painted a beautiful picture of what our new home communities will be like for our brochure and other materials and did it efficiently and precisely. I know we have barely scratched the surface of her talents and I can’t wait to see what else she can do for us. She is the best!

Terri Gibbs
VP of Marketing | Coastal Community Builders

At times as a business owner, you’re juggling so many hats that it’s easy to lose enthusiasm for your business. Working with Jessica Timmons has been a breath of fresh air! She has an incredible eye for design and a voice of authenticity that is difficult to find. She has a very honest and heartfelt approach in her writing, design and ideas that have been nothing short of incredible! Every business owner needs Jessica. She knows how to keep moving you forward with a positive kick in the pants! I feel very fortunate to work with her on many levels of business growth, marketing and design.

Dr. Lynelle McSweeney,  DC

Our old website was cheap looking and sub-par. We wanted a new website where we could proudly show what we do. Jessica and her team delivered above and beyond our expectations. She did an exceptional job revamping our website, and it was a wonderful experience. She was prompt and met every deadline. We had our website reviewed by others and everyone was very impressed. There were no errors to be found. Cost was reasonable and competitive. Communication was terrific and the quality of work is incredible. Working with Jessica was an all around great experience.

Dan Cozzi
Owner | Harris Landscape Construction

Working with Jessica Timmons has been an absolute joy.  Smart, organized and one of the best PR writers we’ve ever seen, Jessica did wonders for our company in content generation, fantastic search engine rankings, company wide promotions, national exposure, social media and many other areas. Her dedication to task and communication are ideal, always pointed to benefiting the company and project efforts both directly and immediately. From strategy to execution, Jessica is attentive and focused, always offering insight and direction with both integrity and experience. We’re convinced Jessica can write most anything, and quickly at that. Our search engine rankings, blogs, promotions and social media efforts immediately jumped in both numbers and commerce conversions. Whether dealing with the media, company sponsorship, special events or in-house efforts, there is nobody I’d recommend more. Her work is absolutely fantastic.

Brian Sutherland
Digital Marketing Ninja | Ice Age Meals

Jessica has provided much-needed assistance with our website, blog and social media. Very prompt in all areas of business, Jessica responds quickly with accuracy in all areas. If your business needs a boost with its professional image, I would strongly encourage you to hire Jessica. You will be very happy with your decision.

Paul Fischer
Owner & Trainer | Framework Personal Training

Over a short period of time, Jessica has proven herself to be an indispensable contributor to Healthline.com. Her excellent writing, thorough research, and overall hard work helped us launch a new content vertical in 2015. Her abilities and knowledge span everything from fitness, to pregnancy, to parenthood. I would highly recommend her services to any individual or company seeking quality content from a professional and experienced writer. We look forward to continuing to work with her!

Elsbeth Riley
Editor | Healthline

Jessica blogged for our website for over five months; during that time we saw a 50% increase in web traffic and a substantial increase in social interactions on Facebook and Twitter.
She is an extremely talented and versatile writer, and she had no trouble in adapting her writing style to fit our rhetoric and outlook. In addition, she went above and beyond just writing, and ensured that her submissions were optimized for specific keywords, which helped drive the right audience to our website. She is extremely professional, and I could always count on her to deliver on time with minimal need for revisions. She has my highest and fullest recommendation and I look forward to working with her again.

Harmala Francois
Owner & Founder | Avishi Organics

Adding Jessica to our team of contributors was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. With her signature wit and relatable writing style, she is adding a much-needed breath of fresh air to our site. I recruited her in an attempt to add a level of intimacy that had been missing since the transition from me being the sole writer to managing a team of contributors – and she’s more than delivered. Her stuff is smart, funny and oh-so-spot-on. I’m thrilled to have her as part of the MPMK team.

Stephanie Morgan
Founder & Managing Editor | Modern Parents Messy Kids

Jessica has done an incredible job of creating and implementing social media strategies to give us a greater presence on the web.
She is mindful of our budget and truly maximizes any advertising monies spent. Her blog posts are well-thought out, unique and specific to our target audience. Jessica is fun to work with and exceptionally efficient! We have seen a very significant increase in traffic to our site and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of social media marketing and sales.

Jo Weatherford
Fitness Director | Freestyle Martial Arts Academy

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Jessica as a principal writer on one of our lifestyle blogs. In this age when a new form of copywriting is emerging, Jessica navigates the digital landscape with a keen understanding of her audience – taking careful consideration of voice, tone, vernacular and subject matter. A talented writer with a meticulous eye for detail, she’s smart, creative, collaborative and a wizard when it comes to tight deadlines. I look forward to continuing our work together and I highly recommend her.

Marisa Suquet
Immersive Journalist | Ronin Advertising

I have worked with Jessica for the past three months and I have been extremely pleased with the results she has delivered in a relatively short time. Our web traffic is vibrant and abundant, our content is brand-crentric and interesting, and search terms are placed with intention without being forced. She meets all deadlines and provides clear communication for upcoming projects. My favorite part about working with Jessica is her capacity for mixing strategic planning and the big picture with concrete deliverables on a reasonable two to three month timetable. It’s that perfect blend of being able to see purpose in upcoming posts while never getting tangled up in just talking about it – she gets things done. I can see purpose in work being completed (unlike previous web services firms) and I feel that her services are fairly priced. I highly recommend Jessica Timmons.

Wes King
Owner | Tahoe Trail Bar

It’s been wonderful to have Jessica as a contributing writer and Adventures in Motherhood blogger at Pregnancy and Newborn! She is an absolute professional, and we can always count on her to respond to emails in a timely manner and to turn in her copy on time with very little need for revision. We have no idea how she keeps up with it all—but we can’t recommend her enough.

Jane Wolkowicz
Former Associate Editor | Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Whether she’s writing on assignment or working on an original pitch, Jessica consistently turns in interesting, well-researched stories we’re proud to run in Pregnancy & NewbornI’ve had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure!) of working with her on multiple occasions and am happy to report she’s timely, thorough and talented—a winning combination.

Lauren Brockman
Executive Editor | Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Jessica Timmons was hired by my firm to help in the repositioning of our company website’s fourth iteration. Jessica brought new, fresh ideas for the design but more importantly than that, she brought questions up that made us rethink the purpose of our entire website and overall company marketing approach. Jessica helped us reshape and refine the focus of our overall marketing efforts and better adapt to today’s changing market conditions. As we developed our working relationship, Jessica was delegated more and more responsibilities which she handled very professionally. She was a good team player and a great team leader. Jessica also opened up new relationships with media outlets we never had before and we are now achieving some new and great results with respect to areas she has cultivated for us. She is versatile, follows up well and an excellent communicator. My firm gives her a big thumbs up for the work she has performed and will continue to perform for us.

Thomas Miller, CCIM
President | Miller Industrial Properties

I have had the pleasure to work with Jessica for several years on numerous wide-ranging writing projects. From support material for a full-scale brand launch to ongoing case studies, Jessica’s contributions to our marketing content creation have been very valuable. In all our interactions, she is extremely responsive to requests, detailed in her writing and editing, easy to work with, and thorough in her subject understanding, yet is very self-sufficient (a great quality that our busy marketing team appreciates!). All this, plus she is a talented writer. We will continue to utilize her as a resource for as long as possible.

Katy Hess
Director of Communications | Haws Corporation

Jessica has been an amazing asset to our community publication. I am confident that our magazine will be sent to our homeowners free of errors, with a consistent tone and perfect grammar. I would highly recommend Jessica’s services to anyone seeking professional editing and writing assistance!

Lauren Stemmler
Community Manager | Somersett Owner’s Association

Without fail, Jessica does an incredible job of performing the task at hand in a highly professional manner. With just the basic information, Jessica perfectly expresses her clients’ message, and she does so in an efficient and timely manner. She looks after the full gambit of your social media and blogging needs, staying on top of the latest trends and ensuring your message reaches your target audience.

Carole Brille
Senior Real Estate Manger | Voit Real Estate Services

Working with Jessica was great. She consistently delivered clear, crisp and creative copy perfectly on deadline. I absolutely recommend her for whatever flavor of writing or editing help you may need.

Shannon Mead
Former Director, Branding & Strategy | Analytics Pros, Inc.

We met Jessica a few years ago when she was looking for a new stylist for her family and herself. She has been such a pleasure to have as a client and friend. When we started rebranding salon lux, she mentioned she did PR. Well, using her for all of our PR, advertisements, meetings, emails, you name it, has been the best decision we could have made to really help our business get off on the right track. She is fast, efficient and definitely has a talent with what she does! We will continue using her to blog as well in the months to come and we are so thrilled to have her be a part of our journey!

Lindsay Lu & Carissa Miles
Owners & Stylists | Salon Lux

I have worked with Jessica Timmons on a few projects. Her thoroughness and efficiency of turnaround make it easy to work with her repeatedly. It is very frustrating to have a beautiful design and find a spelling or grammar error. Jessica puts the final touch on a great piece assuring that doesn’t happen.

Kathy Hess
Owner | Just Imagine Marketing & Design

I have personally worked with Jessica on many copywriting projects over the last few years; a wide variety of writing projects through the advertising agency we both worked for and I have since hired her as a freelance writer for our company website. Jessica is very easy to work with and although she brings a lot to the table by way of her own experience and ideas, she is very collaborative and able to listen and accept direction graciously. Her work was well-crafted and thorough and she was able to meet our demanding schedule. Her hourly rates are very reasonable and her estimate was right on track with the final billing. I highly recommend her.

Teri Gibson
Director, Marketing & Customer Relations | Peri & Sons Farms

Working with Jessica was an absolute pleasure. Over the course of two years, Jessica researched and wrote creative copy for a variety of projects that promote tourism to the state of Nevada. Her writing was a vital component to the launch of our website, keeping copy fresh and optimized for search engines. In addition, Jessica wrote the stories for our monthly newsletters that are sent to a database of 150,000 + opt-in subscribers. She also wrote print advertising copy, among other creative copywriting projects.

Jessica is a highly competent researcher and copywriter and her writing style always reflects the target audience. She is self-motivated, detail oriented and consciousness of deadlines. Moreover, her communication and grammar skills are excellent. I highly recommend her as a creative copywriter/editor.

M.E. Kawchack
Marketing Manager | Nevada Commission on Tourism