professional background

After completing a degree in journalism in 2003, I spent six months testing out the waters as a freelancer. It was enough to cobble together a portfolio that landed me a copywriting position at a Reno advertising agency, where I brainstormed and wrote and revised all manner of copy for far too many casinos and a few stand-out accounts. After the birth of my first son in 2007, I went back to freelancing with infinitely more experience and some street cred and I’ve stayed here ever since. It’s been close to sixteen years of hits and misses, lessons learned, lots of growth, expanded services, new friends and an all-around good time.

the inside story

I’m a work-from-home mom of four, an unapologetic member of the grammar police and a natural redhead. I juggle the busy lives of our rapidly-growing kiddos, a bunch of regular accounts and the pitches that give me a chance to write about the stuff I find personally interesting, so just consider me one of those high-energy, multitasking types. It’s not always easy or pretty, but my husband is the perfect partner in crime and I wouldn’t trade a thing.