Ronin Advertising, a Pittsburgh and Miami-based agency, needed some content writers for the lifestyle blog of a huge North American client. My former creative director put me in touch with the agency, and it was a good fit. Ronin needed original content, and a lot of it, on a variety of topics – green living, health/fitness, travel, home improvement and the like, all delivered consistently.


With an eye to both the target market and our target keywords, I wrote posts intended to be engaging and useful. Each post came with its own creative brief, but they were fairly open-ended so I had a bit of wiggle room to come up with something interesting. The focus was on well-written and worthwhile content written in a consistent voice, and I had to be mindful of tight deadlines and quick turnaround times.


The project, which began as a one-off, ended up lasting more than a year. “I had the pleasure of working closely with Jessica as a principal writer on one of our lifestyle blogs,” says Marisa Suquet, former immersive journalist at Ronin. “In this age when a new form of copywriting is emerging, Jessica navigates the digital landscape with a keen understanding of her audience – taking careful consideration of voice, tone, vernacular and subject matter. A talented writer with a meticulous eye for detail, she’s smart, creative, collaborative and a wizard when it comes to tight deadlines.”