Samata was a natural progression to Standup Paddle Magazine, and it launched as the only publication geared to the ever-expanding female demographic embracing the sport, culture and lifestyle of stand-up. I was already involved in Standup, and as Samata rolled out, I took on the same copy editing role prior to the launch of the premiere issue in the summer of 2013. I continued in this position during the magazine’s debut year and would stay on board until the end of 2015.


I edited Samata in the same way I did Standup Paddle – with an eye to pacing and flow while maintaining our brand voice without sacrificing the individuality of our contributor’s pieces. Turnaround was always tight, and we were often working under the gun. But that just kept things interesting.


“Jessica works quickly and efficiently – her turnaround is great,” says Lucy Lucille, managing editor for both magazines. “She excels at nailing down details and her technical side is perspicacious. She has written several features for us as well, and she has a distinctive style that is very enjoyable to read. She has been a very valuable asset to our publications.”