In late 2010, I pitched a personal story to Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, “the number one monthly mag for chic moms-to-be and hot new mamas.” The piece ran in the December issue, and it was the beginning of my work for the magazine as a contributing writer and product reviewer. In spring of 2014, P&N offered me one of its blogging slots, “Adventures in Motherhood.” The year-long project consisted of weekly posts shared on the magazine’s website and social media outlets.


They say to write what you know, and well, I’m knee-deep in motherhood. Since writing is my vocation, it’s not something I often do for fun. Blogging for P&N changed that. Every week, I chose a theme – whatever had been brewing on the homefront – and shared the kind of insider stuff that every mom is secretly thinking.


I may have been writing for fun, but I didn’t forget my audience. “Jessica’s posts [were] packed with helpful info for new mamas, and they always [did] well,” said Chantel Newton, associate editor. “Her post on what to buy for a new baby was the sixteenth most-read page on our website for the month of August [2016] with 1,893 page views.”