I moved into a marketing role at Freestyle Fitness late last summer, and a fresh site re-design was on my list. We checked it off a few months back – woohoo! – and it was worth the wait. Read on for a little before and after comparison.

Our goal with the redesign was simple enough – we wanted a fast-loading site that’s simple to navigate, puts all the relevant information at your fingertips and makes people excited to come work out with us. We also wanted to better incorporate Freestyle’s overall branding. Here’s how we made it happen.


The new design needed to be good looking but functional above all else. We did that with bright colors that pair nicely with the brand’s lime green and white color palette, big images and intuitive navigation.


The new site had to be a cinch to navigate with instant access to everything a visitor wants to know. A simple navigation bar and well-organized content does the trick nicely.


We wanted copy that’s smart, concise, informative with nary a typo to be seen. Done and done.

Quick to load

A big issue we had with the old size was loading time. Since most people visit us from a mobile device, we absolutely needed something that was quick. Full disclosure – I did nothing to make this happen beyond saying, “It needs to load fast” to my programmer. She did great!

Feedback on the new site has been stellar on all four points. Another big hit is our downloadable content – a useful Getting Started guide. It’s a great way of browsing our email list and offering an incentive for people to try out a few classes. I’m blogging weekly on the site as well, and organic ranking continues to grow for relevant keywords.

All in all, it was a very successful little project.

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