When an up-and-coming medicinal cannabis cultivator needed writing help, I jumped right in. The company was exploding, and the small team running the show was spread pretty thin. I came on board to help with a variety of writing projects, with a few suggestions for website content, blogging and site visibility. When the company launched its sister company, MYNT Cannabis Dispensary, I was brought on board as an on-call writer.


To start things off on the right foot for both companies, we developed distinctive brand voices to drive all communication, from print to web. After cleaning up the websites, I created a regular blogging and social media schedule, and I continue to work closely with staff for writing projects as they come up.


So far, so good! “Jessica Timmons is an amazing asset to MYNT Cannabis Dispensary as well as KYND Cannabis Company,” says Stacy Castillo, chief operations officer. “Her expertise as a writer is very valuable to us and has elevated our brand. We’ve tasked her with a variety of projects and she never fails to impress. Not only has Jessica created a cohesive voice for all of our marketing strategies, but she’s also taken the time to learn our business and industry inside and out. That being said, we trust her wholeheartedly with our voice and feel that she has our very best interest and success in mind with everything she writes. We cannot say enough wonderful things about her.”