Some people just aren’t comfortable with the idea of self promotion, and that’s definitely true for Dr. Lynelle McSweeney, a Reno chiropractor who works wonders on aching backs and necks. After visiting her for an adjustment, it became crystal clear that the world needed to know about her magical hands. I pitched the idea of a new branding campaign complete with logo, website, weekly blogging to raise her online visibility and strategic social accounts. Good news – she went for it all.


Things came together quickly once we finalized the logo, and before long we were blogging once a week and merrily posting away on Instagram and Facebook. My goal with Dr. McSweeney’s account is to offer useful tips, education and information about chiropractic and preventive care. To do that, I approach all of our communication with clients and potential clients as simply, honestly and accurately as possible.


Dr. McSweeney is steadily climbing the search engine ranks for all the right keywords. Even better – her business is growing just as steadily. “At times as a business owner you are juggling so many hats that it is easy to fail to move forward and you lose some enthusiasm for your business,” says Dr. McSweeney. “Working with Jessica has been a breath of fresh air! She has an incredible eye for design and a voice of authenticity that is difficult to find. She has a very honest and heartfelt approach in her writing, design and ideas that have been nothing short of incredible! Every business owner needs her. She knows how to keep moving you forward with a positive kick in the pants! I feel very fortunate to work with her on many levels of business growth, marketing and design.”