Reno is a small town, and when a former colleague accepted the role of project manager at West Street Market last year, she had some lofty goals about getting this off-the-beaten-path hangout on the radar – and she thought of me. Between bringing the website up to speed, getting going on some strategic business blogging, and adding consistent content to various social media accounts, there was a lot to do.


West Street Market is an amazing little hub anchored by a community dining space and patio, with a bunch of really great restaurants in different nooks and crannies. The food veers toward the organic, sustainable, locally-sourced side, heavy on the vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free variety, but there really is something for everyone. Plus, this place always has something going on – free shows, open mic nights, networking events, craft fairs, you name it. West Street has been helmed by various entities at various times, so it’s had its ups and downs. Our goal was highlighting the good food, good company, and good community vibes, so we started with a new positioning statement to guide our messaging, and then we got to work. The game plan was simple – set up analytics, revise existing site content, build a keyword list, find our content niche, and create a posting schedule.


With regular content publishing every Friday, our organic traffic moved steadily upward. It’s still the leading source of traffic to the website – oh yeah! – and social media accounts have been likewise thriving. The idea was to get West Street Market firmly on the digital map, and I can say with confidence that we did exactly that.

“As property manager for West Street Market, we wanted to increase the online presence through various social media platforms. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Ms. Timmons previously, and I could think of no one better to collaborate with on this project! Together we worked to develop a strong point of view and community-focused approach to our message, through blogging and writing new copy for our various sites.

She was able to create a deliberate, yet approachable voice for the market, that really incorporated our tenant’s core values – local, sustainable practices to support and nourish our community through food and the arts. Jessica is always ready with ideas for blog posts, as well as fresh takes on topics that we cover on a regular basis. And my oh my, is she on top of it! She helped constantly keep me on my game – if I wasn’t checking in on our game plan for the next several weeks, you better believe she was reaching out to me. Her posts were often in my inbox well before the deadline, and she is always open and welcoming to critique and revision. I couldn’t compliment her enough on her professionalism and commitment to a common goal. And she happens to be a wonderful human on top of all of that!” – Megan Alexander