The Club at Town Center is a beautiful clubhouse in the heart of Somersett, a master-planned golf community in Reno, Nevada. After reading a few issues of Somersett Living, the community’s monthly newsletter, back in 2011 and belligerently pointing out typos, grammar mistakes and plain bad writing to my husband, I approached the managing department with an offer – let me help you. Please. Nothing ruins a publication faster than mistakes like these. Being somewhat overwhelmed with running the busy club and rapidly growing community, management was happy to pass along the job of proofreading the bi-monthly newsletter.


Staff members from various parts of the club and community – the kids’ club, gym, golf course, country club, pool, tennis courts and a few others – all contribute content for each issue, so in addition to proofing for typos and syntax, part of my job is revising copy to keep things from becoming disjointed. Turnaround for each issue is typically just a few days, so I have to be fast and efficient without sacrificing quality.


Six years on, and I’m still on the job. “Jessica has been an amazing asset to our community publication,” says Lauren Stemmler, community manager. “I am confident that our magazine will be sent to our homeowners free of errors, with a consistent tone and perfect grammar.”