In 2008, Standup Paddle Magazine launched as the very first publication dedicated exclusively to the sport of stand-up paddling. As the sport exploded, so did the magazine’s growth. I approached publisher Reid Inouye in the summer of 2012 to offer my editing services for Standup Paddle Magazine and accepted the position of freelance copy editor the following December. All good things must come to an end, and for logistical and financial reasons, the publisher moved all operations to southern California in 2015. But what a ride while it lasted!

It was my job to edit all content from cover to cover. Features, profiles, equipment, apparel and accessory guides, publisher’s notes – everything came through me. I was also fortunate to be a contributing writer, with several articles published.


Editing Standup Paddle involved more than just catching typos. It was my job to make sure every issue resonated with clarity and meaning. Each issue needed to have good pacing and flow, and they all had to be a joy to read. The magazine had a distinctive voice, and features submitted by contributing writers needed to align appropriately even as they maintained their own individuality. When I edited an issue, I wore many hats – I was a fact-checker, a wordsmith, the grammar police and a mediator between writer and publisher, and everything had to be done quickly and efficiently under tight deadlines.


“Jessica works quickly and efficiently – her turnaround is great,” says Lucy Lucille, managing editor. “She excels at nailing down details and her technical side is perspicacious. She has written several features for us as well, and she has a distinctive style that is very enjoyable to read. She has been a very valuable asset to our publications.”