An editor I worked with at Healthline accepted a head of content position at Sleepopolis, and I’m flattered to share that she reached out when the all-things-sleep site was in need of (you guessed it…) sleep content. I’m a regular contributor these days, writing content designed to help people around the world get a better night’s sleep. Have a look at what I’ve written for Sleepopolis right here.


In a bit of a departure, I’m not writing product round-ups or sleep-focused reviews. This content is all about the how and why of sleep, which means deferring to the experts. I routinely quiz certified sleep consultants for their insight and expertise and take deep dives into published research. It’s pretty fascinating stuff! Of course, there’s also a style guide to follow, a keyword focus to keep in mind, and a word count to hit.


I cut my teeth on sleep content over at Healthline, and this gives me a chance to explore a different part of the sleep world. It seems to be going quite well.  “Jessica does a great job of taking complex topics and making them approachable for our readers,” says Jessica Banks, health editor. “She’s thorough, efficient, and reliable—if Jessica’s working on a piece, I know I’m going to have it in hand on time and with minimal edits.”