My name was passed along to the team at Sasse Surgical in early 2020. They were looking for someone to help with social media content to promote both their bariatric surgery and incontinence services. After looking at their website and existing blog, I had a few recommendations for improving engagement and visibility across the board.


Jumping into content writing for Sasse Surgical meant familiarizing myself with both bariatric surgery and incontinence. Fortunately, Dr. Sasse himself is a prolific writer – he’s an author among his many talents – so there was tons of existing content to study. Collaborating on search terms, post ideas, and post content has been a snap. We also pursued opportunities for sharing content on relevant sites, landing a monthly gig on a well-trafficked site for women over age sixty (the ideal market when we’re talking incontinence solutions) that has proven to be a great visibility booster. On the social front, engagement has been on a steady climb thanks to consistent posting on a few different platforms.


Adding value is always my goal when I work with a business, and it appears that I’ve been successful. “Jessica and her talents have been massively helpful. Not only does she completely understand the premise of seeking to know exactly what we are spending money upon and how many leads it is generating, but also most importantly, how are we talking to the recipients (customers/patients) of the advertising. Jessica is a genius at understanding how to relay messages that resonate with end users. Obviously, what we do was completely new territory for Jessica, but wow is she a quick study! In very little time, she had a really good handle on what Sasse Surgical does and how to relate this to our patient population. Additionally, she’s been very studious in cultivating additional opportunities to tell our story for broader appeal through venues that cost nothing, so it’s super easy to say Jessica adds way more value than what she is charging. I can wholeheartedly say, that hiring Jessica is really a no-brainer as she’s completely on her game and will quickly become a valued member of your advertising/marketing team!” says Mark Conte, CEO at Sasse Surgical.