When an editor from the science-meets-spirituality wellness website mindbodygreen reached out after catching my byline on Healthline, I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t familiar with the site at all. Weird, because that 360-degree approach to every facet of wellness is right up my alley! I was thrilled to jump on board in early 2020 as an occasional contributor, and after cutting my teeth on a pair of tarot reading pieces (what do you know about the powerful Star card?!), I’ve been learning all about palo santo, how to pair supplements, and the best way to deal with stress-induced acne. Check out all the work I’ve had the pleasure of writing for mbg here.


Detailed, factual and accurate is the name of the game, whether the piece is on the science or spirituality side. Writing for mindbodygreen means adhering to word counts and outlines, following an established style guide, and conducting careful research and thoughtful interviews for the expert’s take. I love that all of their content is rooted in science and research while still recognizing and exploring connections with less tangible, but no less important, facets of our lives.


It’s been an interesting experience already, and I hope I can continue writing for mindbodygreen well into the future. I’m happy to report that the team at mindbodygreen seems pretty pleased with the arrangement as well. “Jessica consistently meets deadlines with clean, well-researched copy and is never less than a total pleasure to work with,” says Emma Loewe, senior sustainability editor.