Miller Industrial Properties is a boutique industrial/commercial real estate agency in northern Nevada, which is a surprisingly hot little market for those in need of a Western manufacturing or distribution point. Tom Miller approached me for help with his blog in 2014, and after a few months, expanded my role into a freelance marketing specialist. It’s a fancy title that means in addition to blogging at least weekly, I’m also responsible for website content and boosting the company’s profile in the local media.


We approached the blog methodically. Previously, Tom wrote posts about random topics that were interesting to read but unlikely to perform well in keyword searches among his target market. Once we established that the goal of the blog was less sounding board and more lead generator, we zeroed in on appropriate keywords and began a weekly blogging campaign designed to increase the site’s organic ranking through engaging and optimized posts.

The website was another concern – both the design and content were dated and no longer reflected the company well. I wrote and revised all website copy to coordinate with a fresh new site design and layout. We brainstormed an evolved brand and positioning statement, both of which drove the new site design and content.


It’s been four years, and I’m still blogging weekly to maintain the MIP site’s toehold in organic search, in addition to composing press releases and working closely with MIP staff on written projects. “Jessica brought new, fresh ideas for the design but more importantly than that,” says Tom, “she brought questions up that made us rethink the purpose of our entire website and overall company marketing approach. Jessica helped us reshape and refine the focus of our overall marketing efforts and better adapt to today’s changing market conditions.

As we developed our working relationship, Jessica was delegated more and more responsibilities which she handled very professionally. She is a good team player and a great team leader. Jessica also opened up new relationships with media outlets we never had before and we are now achieving some new and great results with respect to areas she has cultivated for us. She is versatile, follows up well and an excellent communicator.”