When a former editor at Pregnancy & Newborn needed to build a network of parenting/pregnancy/fitness writers for Healthline, her new San Francisco gig, I’m flattered to share that she thought of me right away. I started writing for the website in 2014, and I still enjoy contributing to that veritable treasure trove of useful content. It’s all written to support, guide and inspire its readers toward positive health. Where else would I learn so much about the surprisingly varied health benefits of celery (really – you’d be shocked), the early signs of dyslexia in a child, and the most appropriate age to begin dating? It was educational, to say the least.


My assignments for Healthline range from lifestyle pieces to those with a decidedly medical slant. There are style guides to follow, word counts to hit, deadlines that can’t be missed, details to be researched and medical reviewers to satisfy. Above all, I need to be sure that every piece is informative and useful without sacrificing accuracy and thoughtfulness.


I’ve written on and off for Healthline for years now, and it’s still good work. “Over a short period of time, Jessica [proved] herself to be an indispensable contributor to,” says Elsbeth Riley, Healthline editor. “Her excellent writing, thorough research, and overall hard work helped us launch a new content vertical. Her abilities and knowledge span everything from fitness, pregnancy, to parenthood. I would highly recommend her services to any individual or company seeking quality content from a professional and experienced writer. We look forward to continuing to work with her!”