When Freestyle Martial Arts Academy become the sole representative of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu here in northern Nevada, the challenge was twofold. First, they needed to launch a new website as a hub for useful information. And then, they needed to be sure this brand new site made it in front of all the right people. That was my cue.


While we had the main Guerrilla website to use as a blueprint, we also wanted to play off the Freestyle theme. I worked closely with the site programmer to dial in content and keep the focus on simple navigation, and the result is a dynamic and effective little site that answers visitors’ questions and funnels them along a subtle channel to the big idea – pulling the trigger on that getting started offer. As for visibility, I’m blogging weekly to grow the site with strategic content and keep it steadily climbing the ranks on the only place that really matters – page one.


In a market that has one top dog when you search for local BJJ schools, the Guerrilla Reno site is already serious competition. And that’s something we were able to achieve right out of the gate.

“By bringing Jessica in early in the web site design process, we were able to tailor the initial content which ultimately helped land us on the first page of search results within two weeks of launch,” says instructor and promoter Scott Fritzinger. “Having her continue to provide content after launch has pushed our search ranking even higher. The results speak for themselves and we could not be happier.”