After getting a snazzy new website for his by-appointment personal training studio, Paul Fischer figured he was set. The new clients would roll on in. So when his website developer advised hiring a writer to put his blog to work, he was understandably a little bummed. But the stars aligned and a few virtual introductions later, I came on board to take the blogging reins and get this pretty website in front of all the right people. About a year later, here we are, with Framework Personal Training ranking beautifully.


Paul’s job is my favorite kind of project – everything is up and running, just waiting for content. We started with a keyword list and some post topics, and then I got to work. We collaborated on some of the earliest posts, but after Paul admitted it was a bit of a drag sitting down to write once a week, I took over completely. Our post topics run a wide gamut of seasonal and industry stuff, with lots of keyword-driven posts sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve been steadily adding to the company Facebook page, and I also brought in my favorite SEO specialist for a few tweaks. Poof: amazing visibility.


Paul’s business has long relied on word of mouth, but all of this online visibility isn’t hurting at all. He took in a new trainer to offer his clients a broader range of options, and he even updated his logo to keep up with his amazing new online presence. All in all, consistent blogging, revised website content and some social media love are paying off in spades.

“Jessica has provided much-needed assistance with our website, blog and social media,” says Paul. “If your business needs a boost with its professional image, I would strongly encourage you to hire Jessica. You will be very happy with your decision.”