This California development company is the driving force behind beautiful master-planned home communities all over the Central Coast. They needed some help with brochure and website copy for one of their newest communities. With a striking layout and gorgeous images already in place, all they needed were the words to match.


These days, I do a lot of content writing for web platforms, so getting a chance to dive back into traditional copywriting was a treat. The brochure needed copy about California’s Central Coast, two separate new communities, and the overall development. That called for a bit of research on the area, figuring out the right tone and voice, and getting inside the head of the target audience so that I could write effectively.


The brochure looks amazing and it’s out in the world, stoking the imaginations of future home-buyers. I’m still dropping in content as the new site is being built out, and it’s coming together beautifully.

“When you are building new homes and construction hasn’t started, you rely on visuals and words to paint a picture for your buyers. Jessica has helped us do just that! I am so happy to have found her! Jessica is professional, quick and accurate in her work. She put down on paper, what I couldn’t get out of my head. Her work transformed our website from good, to amazing! She painted a beautiful picture of what our new home communities will be like for our brochure and other materials and did it efficiently and precisely.” – Terry Gibbs, VP of Marketing