I learned about A New Song International through a close friend. The non-profit organization partners with an orphanage in Uganda, providing food, medical care, education, and a nurturing environment to these children, while also helping to build a self-sustaining infrastructure that will benefit the community as a whole. My family started sponsoring one of the orphanage’s children late last year, and after I heard that the non-profit staff needed some marketing help, I was happy to offer my services. The project was simple – an informational brochure that would quickly explain the non-profit’s mission and its methods to address the urgent needs at hand, with specific calls for action.


Laurie Coombs, the founder of A New Song International, has done a marvelous job on the website. Creating a brochure was simply a matter of collaborating with Sarah Grant, a wonderful local photographer and the aforementioned dear friend, to pull together the right images, and then condensing and revising some of the website content to make it appropriate for a handheld marketing piece. Easy, peasy. The only snag came when the finished brochures had an error from the printer, but I was able to negotiate a re-print at no charge.


First, working with professionals always makes things easy, and Sarah is amazing in every way. It seems the feeling is mutual.

“Jessica is just a delight to work with,” she says, “I always know that whatever it is I need her to help me with, she will exceed the job far and beyond my expectations. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she get things done in a timely fashion.”

The finished piece was just what Laurie was after.

“Working with Jessica Timmons was an absolute pleasure,” said Laurie. “Her timeliness and professionalism was unparalleled as she worked to find the best and most affordable options for the design we had in mind. Jessica sees her clients’ vision and is dedicated to making it happen.”