The other day, I met a potential client and we talked business blogging. Different people have different ideas of what that looks like, and this particular client was envisioning a hands-off approach that would mean little input from his side and really great results. Luckily, that always sounds good to me, because there’s beauty in passing your biz blog to someone else. Here’s why.

i’ll handle it all

Some small business owners, including yours truly, are crazy control freaks when it comes to their image. They manage every single aspect, from their social media posts to their voicemail greeting. It’s tough for these folks to outsource anything, because it means trusting that someone else understands the brand through and through. But because of this “if you want something done, do it yourself” mentality, things like blogging are often pushed to the back burner.

And that’s a problem. The topic of blogging benefits is another post entirely – like this one and that one – but trust me when I say a business blog is never wasted. If you can’t do it properly, find someone who can (and then trust them to do it right).

can you just do it?

On the other side of the coin is the kind of person whose focus is completely on the end result – the product – because the rest of it is just details.

I love blogging for these types, but I bet it’s not for the reason you suspect. Sure, it tends to be a lot faster, with little supervision, but what I really love is the challenge. To blog effectively for this kind of client means a lot of brand research. I have to figure out the right voice and the right messaging, and most of the time, I’m piecing that together from a pretty casual approach to branding.

now for the beauty part

No matter which category you fall into, the beauty of passing your biz blog to someone else is in the details.

  • The right content writer understands the business of blogging. There’s a lot of work that goes into a well-written post, from the keyword focus to the research to the search engine and target market relevancy. Do you have the time, energy or interest for that?
  • You’ll get a fresh perspective on your online presence. Bringing in an outsider gives you a new, unbiased assessment of your current online strategy. And you may find that what you think you’re saying and what you’re actually saying don’t really align. A good writer can help you shore up the weak spots for a consistent branding message (and that’s important).
  • You’ll find that you’ve freed up some time. When you pass your business blog to someone else, you’re freeing up time better spent on running your business. Funny how that works. As the business owner, all you need to do is give your writer a clear understanding of your company and your goals with the blog. Then you can get right back to selling warehouses or making pasta.
  • You’ll add value to your business. Instead of hiring an employee or slogging away yourself, outsourcing your business blog to a great content writer can be really cost effective. Just like slinging coffee or building widgets is your thing, so is writing theirs. And if they’re good at their job, you know that means they’re efficient and effective. So remember the point of all this – a consistent, more robust online presence that gets you in front of all the right people, which means more sales, which means a healthier bottom line.

the takeaway

Hire a writer for that business blog. It really is a beautiful thing.