Over at Healthine.com, I’m writing a mixed bag of medical/lifestyle parenting and pregnancy articles – medically reviewed as necessary and all! There are citations and references to note and a stringent style guide to follow. It’s something new for me, and I’m really enjoying learning all this interesting new stuff (like the pros and cons of redshirting kindergartners, which is totally applicable for us, what the essential hospital bag contains, which I’ll never need to know again, and how to tell if your child is gifted, which, totally). WebMD – we’re coming in hot.

I also picked up another project in the health and fitness industry with a new by-appintment gym. At Framework Personal Training, I have the pleasure of updating existing site content, adding new stuff and bringing the blog up to speed so it will start pulling in traffic. We’re also focusing on a new trainer to begin building his client list.

I’m eyeballing a few brand new accounts to complement the brand new year ahead, but as always, if you’re on the hunt for someone who help you build a website, update an existing site, make that website work for you, or help you navigate the crazy world of small business marketing, I’d love to help out!

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