It’s officially official – my newest client is a real-life advertising agency. Ahh, it’s like I never even left. Except this one is a Pittsburgh/Miami shop and I don’t have an office in either city. Or, you know, a desk. But guess what I do have – creative briefs coming in hot and heavy.

And you know? It’s good to be back.

Advertising is where I really began. I fell sideways into a journalism major after deciding an English degree wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Advertising sounded kind of fun, so that became my official focus. After graduating, I tried my hand at freelancing and scrounged up just enough small businesses willing to take a chance on a green (and cheap!) recent graduate. I put together a “portfolio,” applied for a local copywriting agency and that was that.

If I’m honest, my writing strengths don’t particularly shine in print ads or TV/radio spots. They don’t come easily, the way other writing can. But in the eight years since striking out on my own, things like blogging and content writing have truly blossomed, opening up the freelancing world in an entirely new way and suiting my strengths quite nicely.

That brings me pretty much full-circle – and back to my newest client. Most of the details are hush-hush, but what I can tell you is that I’m doing content writing for a big client of theirs. Huge. Colossal. I’m writing targeted posts covering a variety of topics, sprinkling in keywords when and if I’m able, providing comprehensive, fun, slightly irreverent pieces that are worth reading. You know, how I do.

A few weeks in, and I have three posts under my belt. So far, the feedback is good.

“I just read your article and I love it! It’s really engaging, detailed and offers valuable first-person reviews – I especially like the ‘what we love/don’t love’ remarks. All in all, this fits exactly within our brand.”

“Love the [title redacted] article!”

“…. looks great!”


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