A few months ago, I stumbled across a link a friend shared on social media. It was to a beautifully written post about balance and schedules and how on earth we’re supposed to manage the life of a working woman with the life of a mother all at the same time, all in the same life. I was seriously impressed with the quality of the writing on that post and all the others on this blog, which is a collaborative effort from a handful of mothers.

A few days later, I had scoured that site from start to finish. I was dying to write something that could stand alongside the rest on that site, and my thoughts churned around for a few days before I was able to sit down and get them all out, I sent the finished piece off and received a prompt reply, and I’m excited to write here now that it was published today.

Head on over to Coffee + Crumbs, and be prepared to hang out for a good while. There’s just too much good stuff. It’s the kind of writing that does a masterful job of articulating the mess of feelings that make up being a mom, or wanting to be a mom, or hoping you’re a good mom. And since it’s a collaboration among women – each of whom mothers in her very own way – it’s a very real example that not all moms are out to get one another. There’s no one-upping or sneering, just a group of women sharing stories – some big, some small, some that will you cry with laughter and others that will just make you cry. I’m honored to be a very small part of it.